Events are used to trigger automation actions.

On post status changed

Setup an event to trigger when a post, page, or any custom post type has its post status changed, e.g. when a post is published for the first time its post status will change to publish.

Post typeSelect a post type from the dropdown, or set to any to trigger on all post types.
Post statusSelect a post status from the dropdown, or choose any to trigger on every post status change.

On user registered

The on user registered event is triggered when after a new WordPress user is registered.

On WooCommerce order status changed

The on WooCommerce order status changed event is triggered when an order status is updated, for example this can be used to send out review reminders to customers when an order is marked as complete.

Order StatusSelect which WooCommerce order status to trigger on.

On WooCommerce abandond cart

The on WooCommerce abandond cart event can be used to recover lost orders by sending out an email to incentivise the customer to complete the purchase.

Abandond cart data is captured on logged in users when items are added to their cart, or public users once they have reached the checkout step and have entered there email address.